The wait time is the amount of time that a frame is shown after the text finishes typing before the player proceeds to the next one. The wait time is measured in centiseconds. 100 centiseconds is equal to 1 second, so 200 centiseconds is equal to 2 seconds, 300 is equal to 3 seconds and so. The advance button cannot be seen if a wait time is allocated to a frame.

The minimum wait time is 1 centisecond. Using a wait time of zero or not specifying one means that the user has to hit the text advance button when playing.

Using a wait time of 1 centisecond is a common trick for running actions without showing any text.

Waiting TimesEdit


  1. The delay for one gavel smash is 100 centiseconds.
  2. The delay for three gavel smashes is 150 centiseconds.
  3. The delay for one head nod by Phoenix Wright is 75 centiseconds.
  4. The delay for Frank Sahwit's breakdown is 550 centiseconds.


  1. The delay for an unsettled gallery sound is 300 centiseconds.


  1. The delay for "Objection!", "Hold it!", "Take That!" and "Gotcha!" is 150 milliseconds.
  2. Door opening effect stall time - 100 centiseconds
  3. Guilty - 300 centiseconds
  4. Not Guilty - 300 centiseconds.