The Trial Player allows one to play his/her own and other members' trials. Its layout is highly different from the display of the real games, but it functions as it
AAO Trial Player V5

AAO player V5. Top is loading bottom is playing.

normally would.


Whilst the Trial Player is loading a trial, a message appears as if a character were to speak to inform the user the percentage of the trial that has loaded. The trial will automatically start when both sounds and music and sprites are fully loaded. Of course, the user is able to start the trial without the trial being fully loaded, although this is discouraged as this will affect the trial i.e. missing sprites and music.


  • No Court Record button. However, all evidence and profiles are displayed to the right of the player. They are displayed even before the trial actually starts, unless the author of the trial has hidden them. It is possible to switch between evidence and profiles with a button as expected.
  • Title of the trial and creator at the top of the player.
  • A permanently visible and fully functional health bar.
  • A Save button to save trials. Saving the game refreshes the player and the URL changes at the top. It is possible to either copy and paste that URL or bookmark it to replay where the trial was left off.
  • A game settings list to the top right-hand corner of the page which allows the selection of two options: Quick-text display or Mute.