The Trial Manager is a page where users can see othe users' trials, stored in a table. The table contains metadata of the users' trials, including: their language, their collaborators (if any), whether or not they are playable or not playable, and buttons to edit or delete the trial. Administrators can also mark the trial as featured by clicking on a star next to the trial's name. If the star is gold then it is featured, if not then it is not featured.

AAO Trial Manager V5

Trial Manager showing series and collaborators.

On another note, there is also the Full Trial Manager. The full trial manager is an upgraded version of the trial manger which is only accessable for users registered on the forums. On this page, users can create, edit, and play their own finished and unfinished trials.

The Reduced Trial Manager is a reduced version of the manager. It shows on the forums in the upper right-hand corner of the board index. There is also a link which allows the user to go to the full trial manager.


  • RTM pointer

    The Reduced Trial Manger is located where the pointer points.

    Unfinished trials will not appear in the public Trial Manager but will appear in the respective user(s)' Full Trial Manager.