The Trial Editor allows you to edit and manage your trial. To access the Trial Editor, you must first log in into the Ace Attorney Online forums and click the Full trial manager link at the top right-hand corner of the index page. If you have any unfinished or work-in-progress trials, then they will also appear at on top of the Full trial manager link and you can click on them to edit them. Alternatively, you can press Play on the homepage and select Trials manager from there.


AAO Trial Editor Bar

AAO Trial Editor V5 Bar

Upon entering the Trial Editor page, the trial is divided into four sections for ease of edit. Those four sections are Profiles, Evidence, Audio and Script. There is a fifth section for you to save your trial. One thing to note is that for any profiles and evidence added to the game will appear in the at the start of the game Court Record if it is not revealed later on in the game.


Here you can designate who is in your game and who is not. It is important to add all your characters here because without them, you will not be able to
AAO Trial Editor Profiles

AAO Trial Editor V5 Profile

make them appear in the game. The only exception to this is the Judge whom will automatically appear even if you don't have him in the Profiles. As with evidence, any profiles made will be listed in the Court Record unless it is revealed later on in the game. For each profile you make, they will have their own ID. You can find their own ID to the left of the profile. It is also possible to add custom pictures to your character in the game and for the profile picture as well. On the right, you'll find some options that you can manage. From there; you can set an automatic background for every time that character talks, an automatic color when that character is speaking and/or an automatic voice - Male, Female, Typewriter or No Sound.


Here you can put in your own evidence. Adding new evidence is simple and is similar to adding profiles. The only difference is that the options on the right are replaced by a section called Data for the check button and you can decide between
AAO Trial Editor Profiles

Ace Attorney Online V5 Trial Maker "Evidence" Tab

either Text or Picture. If you enter anything in these sections then a small Check button will appear, underneath the piece of evidence you added information to, in the game when you're playing it. As with profiles, any evidence you create will appear in the Court Record at the start of the game if it's not revealed later on.


Here you can choose which music tracks and sound effects you want to use in your trial. You can preview them by clicking Play which is next to Select. You can choose as many tracks and sound effects as you require, however the Trial Editor does not save them unless you use them. An important note is to never select all your audio at once unless you are sure that you are going to use them before you save the trial.


This is where all the action takes place. In the Script section you can add messages, backgrounds and characters to make your game progress. A typical frame would appear as:

ID Background Character Sound Text Wait Action


It is self-explanatory and quite simple to add your own message lines.

The ID is the ID of the message; this is used when setting answers to questions or jumping directly to another frame. If you click and drag, you can move the frame.
Traial Editor Script


Main article: Actions

Actions are special features which can create a question for the player to answer using the Answer a question action


After all your hard work, it would be best to save your trial. To do that, there is a fifth section at the top called Save this section allows you to save your game and publish if you want. Not only that, but you can make your trial a part of a series and you can designate which position it is in, in that series and you can change the trial's title and its language. The save feature will also report any saving errors there are and you can either fix it if you know what has caused the problem or you can ask for an administrator's help on the forums.


The Trial Editor is capable of recreating almost everything you would expect in a real Ace Attorney game. All of the features mentioned below are triggered by using the Action button in a message line. Here are some of the features that the Trial Editor supports:


The cross-examination feature functions exactly how it appears in the real games. You can press each statement as you normally would expect and you can decide which statement(s) is/are contradictory. There can also be no contradictions at all and will require all the statements to be pressed in order to continue. You can set a Co-council conversation which is the conversation after you've gone through all the statements and not found a contradiction. If you present a piece of evidence/profile, you can decide what happens if it's the correct or incorrect piece.


The investigation feature allows you to Examine, Move, Talk and Present when playing just like in the real games. There are slight differences in how an investigation would appear when playing it, such as the layout of the action buttons; instead of them in each corner, they are displayed as a list - much like how you would answer a question. Another difference is examining things; when you're examining the area you're at, a separate window appears and you are free to click anywhere you like on it.


Psyche-Locks can be used in investigations as well for when a character is hiding something or lying. However, they can only be used for one conversation per place only. It is almost identical to the Psyche-Locks in the real games. The editing of the Psyche-Locks is similar to the cross-examination panel. You can add questions and statements for the player to present evidence at. You can also decide what happens when the player presents to correct or incorrect evidence.

Health BarEdit

Penalties are handed out when you make a wrong move. The Health Bar indicates how many wrong moves you've made and is fully function just like the real games. The maximum amount of health that the Health Bar can hold is 120. It is possible to make the Health Bar flash, drain and refill. The Health Bar will always be visible at the top of the Trial Player next to the Save button. When the Health Bar reaches 0, the game will end.

Presenting Evidence/ProfilesEdit

In the Trial Player there is no Court Record button and so all evidence and profiles will appear to the right in a section of its own. You can switch between profiles and evidence by clicking on the switch button at the top right-hand corner of the evidence/profiles section. In the Trial Editor, there is an option to ask the player for evidence and this is when you can present something to the Judge or to someone outside of court.