The Ace Prosecutor series consists of eight current projects. All entries in this series are currently incomplete, but the first case is available for playtesting. Names may be subject altered in the future.

Planned cases and their status (+ link if available):Edit

Prosecutor Line:Edit

Miles Edgeworth: Ace Prosecutor - Turnabout Trial (*Alpha)

Franziska von Karma: Ace Prosecutor 2 - Turnabout Revenge (Incomplete)

Manfred von Karma: Ace Prosecutor 3 - Turnabout Perfection (Incomplete)

Klavier Gavin: Ace Prosecutor 4 - The Forged Turnabout (Planning Stage)

Defense Attorney Line:Edit

Mia Fey: Ace Attorney - Turnabout Phoenix (Incomplete)

Mia Fey: Ace Attorney 2 - Turnabout Prosecutor (Planning Stage)

Mia Fey: Ace Attorney 3 - Turnabout at Bluecorp (Planning Stage)

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney 4 - Turnabout Legacy (Planning Stage)

The Canon of This UniverseEdit

Phoenix Wright hasn't caught the cold from Trials and Tribulations. Dahlia hasn't been able to poison Mr. Wright with cold medicine, so he never had to meet Mia Fey as his defense attorney. Because of this, events played out differently to the official canon.

Phoenix Wright did manage to meet Mia Fey by chance, but on the first time meeting with her, he was murdered.

Gameplay ChangesEdit

Prosecutor LineEdit

You play as a prosecutor this time. That means no more cross-examining... Or does it?

Each case, you are required to bring to light the flaws in your opponent's reasoning. Sometimes you use evidence. Sometimes you only need to use logic. You also call the witness.

Unfortunately, the cases are very linear. You may only call one witness at a time, and there is a set order of occurance. This can be good too, as it prevents wasting time hearing someone's meaningless opinions of the crimes.

Defense LineEdit

As an added feature, you may retake the case as the defense attorney and find the complete truth. This part of the series does not follow a seperate canon, because it is purely a 'what-if' scenario, showing what would happen if the defense had actually won. These cases are generally longer and more true to the game's roots, allowing you to explore, cross-examine and present away at your own pace whilst on the quest for the truth!

Plot SummaryEdit

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Miles Edgeworth: Ace Prosecutor - Turnabout Trial:Edit

There's been a murder and Maya Fey is the suspect. Who is the victim? None other than Phoenix Wright! On the night of his job interview, he'd been murdered by a lethal stabbing, leaving only Larry Butz to testify against the defendant. Do you have what it takes to find the truth?

Franziska von Karma: Ace Prosecutor 2 - Turnabout Revenge:Edit

Edgeworth seems to have been murdered in an act of revenge. The suspect, a woman named 'Dahlia Hawthorne'. Mia hasn't been the same anymore since her sister's incarceration, so Franziska offers her a choice - To swap jobs in the courtroom. Franziska must work together with Detective Gumshoe to convict the suspect and end her reign of terror, before she can be aquitted.