The Box-Art of PW:DD

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Different Dimension is a fan-made game using the Ace Attorney Online Trial Maker by forum member Nevfx.


Yes! All the cases that Nevfx had finished now are all featured!

Series Outline Everything up to and including Trials and Tribulations is all the same and happened in this series. However, everything after that, is different, and this series starts around two months after Bridge to the Turnabout. The game details Phoenix Wrights return to court and Miles Edgeworths return as a prosecutor. You will be able to play as both of them during the game, playing as Edgeworth on the side of the prosecution, mainly going up against Apollo Justice (who becomes Phoenixs apprentice) in court.

Return of the TurnaboutEdit

Progress - 100% TRIAL ONLYEdit

The first case in this series. A few months after the final case in Trials and Tribulations, Phoenix Wright returns to the courtroom to represent someone all who played Apollo Justice should be familiar with. As it is set after one of the actual games, it does contain the smallest of spoilers. Remade from the original one posted, this one has some changes to the story being told, but is essentially the same crime being committed.

The link to the trial is here!