PW: AA: Justice is Served is an in progress fangame made by Diego (known here as BuddyFaith) using the AAO trial maker.

Boxart by Tap.


This takes place after T&T. This is also a cross-over between the Ace Attorney Series and the Under the Knife Series, though the latter is in a slight alternate universe due to plot reasons.

Case 1: Turnabout Wedding.Edit

Tyler Chase and Leslie Sears are getting married, when the bride's maid is murdered, Leslie is arrest for her murder.Payne is prosecuting, no co-council. Takes place 1 week before The First Turnabout. No operation.
Defense:Mia Fey
Prosecutor:Winston Payne
Victim: Vicky Tim
Detective:Bruce Goodman
Defendant:Leslie Sears

Case 2: Race for the TurnaboutEdit

Jake Marshall is murdered by GUILT! Dr. Derek Stiles is accused of the murder and it's up to Phoenix to save him! The prosecutor and the co-council for the remander of the game is introduced here. Takes place after Turnabout Ablaze.

Defense Attorney:Phoenix Wright
Prosecutor:Lana Skye
Co-council:Ema Skye
Victim:Jake Marshall
Detective:Dick Gumshoe
Defendant:Derek Stiles

Case 3: The Antarctic TuraboutEdit

Phoenix has finally visiting his dream vacation spot Starstown, Antarctica, he has lugged Ema and Lana with him there. They are suprised to find Derek, Angie, Blackwell, and a researcher (not Victor) there as well, operating on a outbreak there. Later during the night, the researcher is murdered, Blackwell is arrested on the spot. Lana is prosecuting, Ema is co-council. Takes place one week after Race for the Turnabout.
Prosecutor:Lana Skye
Co-council:Ema Skye
Victim:Sam Noel
Detective:Shi-Long Lang
Defendant:Kenneth Blackwell
Tetsurou Kirisaki

Case 4: The Turnabout that Started it AllEdit

Gregory Edgeworth's last case, we no nothing about it, except Karma prosecuting, he was defending, and the defendant was found guilty and Karma used forged evidence to win. No more, no less. Any other details about this case are currently with-held at the moment, hey I have to have one case you know absolutely nothing about.

Case 5: The Final TurnaboutEdit

Phoenix goes to visit Iris at Caduceus, when you enter her room, you find her brutally stabbed in the chest with Victor passed out next to her, everything about this case is acceptable to change. A certain whip-happy prosecutor will return to prosecute the first part of the case, and is later becomes your assistant for the case, as Ema leaves after the first part. Takes place one week after The Antarctic Turnabout.
Prosecutor:Franziska von Karma, then Lana Skye
Co-council:Ema Skye, then Franziska von Karma
Victim:Iris Hawthorne
Detective:Dick Gumshoe
Defendant:Victor Niguel


Me:Custom Evidence
Tap:Mugshots/Sprites/Box-art (The awesome one, not the fail one.)
Auraion:Sprites(original Lana prosecutor sprites)
Rina-chan: Voices.
Psyche Lock:Sprites(currents Lana prosecutor sprites, for they match up better with Unas's)
Unas:Sprites(other Lana prosecution sprites)

This place.:Sprites, graphics and backgrounds
Neni: Music.
Court, sprites and graphics.
E.D.Revolution:Help with arguments/rebuttals and sprites.
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