Miles Edgeworth: Alternative Past is an unfinished fan-made series made using the Ace Attorney Online Trial Editor. The series is created by Powerdrone311 (known as Greenaria on Wikia). Currently, the layout for the trials is (mostly) complete. Progress is at a stand still, and the series as a whole may not ever come to completion.

Miles Edgeworth: Alternative Past Boxart courtesy of paradoxinparticles.

Trial One: Start of a Turnabout Edit

This is the first trial of the series, split into two parts. The first part deals with backstory and has some carefully hidden foreshadowing if you look hard enough. ;)

Part One

Part One: Plot Edit

Miles Edgeworth, the famous prosecutor from the Ace Attorney Series, has been thinking about his life. When he was younger, he used to dream of being a Defense Attorney. How would his life be different if he had become a defense attorney? He sets off to find out...

Edgeworth visits Professor Edward Gadd, inventor of the "Time Alternation Machine" which will allow him to spectate a parallel universe! Upon discussion with Gadd, he realizes he has forgotten his wallet. He retrieves it, returns to Gadd, and pays him to use the machine. Gadd places the machine's helmet over Edgeworth's head, and turns on the machine...

A short tutorial video plays... Edgeworth has no idea what he's about to get himself into...

Part One: Easter Eggs Edit

If you want to find some Easter Eggs, make sure you examine the different areas....

Part Two: Plot Edit

Edgeworth awakens in the district court defendant lobby on February 16th to find none other than Diego Armando in front of him! As it turns out, the machine HAS worked and Edgeworth is now viewing an alternate dimension from Defense Attorney Edgeworth's point of view.

Armando works for Miles' father, Gregory Edgeworth, at his law office. He explains that another junior attorney named Mia Fey is having her first trial too. Originally Gregory was to be helping Miles with his trial, but something has come up with Mia's case that requires his direct attention. Armando is to be helping you out with your first trial. After speaking with Armando, Miles heads outside to meet with his defendant.

Outside, Edgeworth meets Jill Summer, a woman charged with murdering her ex-boyfriend Jack Warner. After some conversation (and something smelling a little fishy) Edgeworth heads inside the courtroom.

At 10:00 AM the trial starts. After some questions about the case from the judge, Edgeworth is prepared to begin his first cross-examination! The first witness is Detective Damon Gant, who's death glare is as sharp as it always is. His testimony about the crime scene isn't as sharp as his stare though... Edgeworth finds a contradiction, which amazingly the Prosecutor Winston Payne has a rebuttal for. It would appear Payne is a much more challenging opponent in this alternate universe. The Detective gives a second testimony, this time about the witnesses to the crime. Edgeworth expertly proves that there is in fact another contradiction! To clear up the now gaping hole in the case, the mysterious witness Lyle Lot is brought in to testify...

This case is currently unfinished. To avoid spoiling the rest of the case, the rest of the plot will not be posted here. Thanks for understanding! ;)

Trial Two: Edit

Trial Three: Edit

Trial Four: Edit

Trial Five: Edit

This series is incomplete. For more information you can visit this page!