Kristoph Gavin: Ace Attorney
Developer Lind
Release TBA
Rating CERO: B, Ages 12 and up
"Evil? Hahaha, please. I prefer "amoral"."
Kristoph Gavin

Kristoph Gavin: Ace Attorney is an unofficial fan midquel, taking place inbetween Turnabout Succession's backstory chapter and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.

It was originally written as a sprite comic on Court Records and various other sites from 2009 to 2011, with the first two cases complete and two and a half chapters of a third written. That project has since been abandoned for a playable version on AAO. Lind has since expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the comic and has stated that the playable version will be of considerably higher quality. Heavily revamped sprites of several characters have been revealed.

While the release date for The Grave Turnabout, the first case in the series, is currently estimated at Spring 2016, the game has been in progress since 2011 and release has been delayed several times, so it is dubious that it will be completed on schedule.


As with many of the canon games, Kristoph Gavin: Ace Attorney is told in anachronic order. The Grave Turnabout, the first case of the game, is the last chronologically, taking place in 2023, three years before the events of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. The second case, A Lesson in Turnabout, takes place in 2020, and is the first case in the game chronologically. The third and final cases (The Art of Turnabout and Family of Turnabout respectively) both take place consecutively in 2021.

The core plot of the series revolves around Kristoph's past coming back to haunt him in various ways. There is also a significant subplot about Apollo joining Gavin & Co. Law Offices, despite the wishes of his adoptive father, Ian Justice, who himself is the head of another law firm.


  1. The Grave Turnabout
  2. A Lesson in Turnabout
  3. The Art of Turnabout
  4. Family of Turnabout

The original sprite comic has completed versions of The Grave Turnabout and A Lesson in Turnabout. The comic was cancelled during the second investigation phase of the third case, then-titled Turnabout Exhibition.

No cases are as yet released of the playable version. As of the last progress report, The Grave Turnabout has 1076 frames completed of an estimated 1500, and has an estimated release date of Spring 2016.


*Kristoph Gavin - The protagonist of the game, despite canonically being a villain, and despite the game being set after he had already committed several crimes. While his motives for his original crimes were unclear in the canon series, here his motivation is more fleshed out.

*Kohal Leicht - The main prosecutor of the game, so far prosecuting in A Lesson in Turnabout and The Art of Turnabout. The prosecutor for Family of Turnabout is unconfirmed. Formerly a friend of Kristoph's, having attended Themis Legal Academy with him, but for unknown reasons has developed a resentment of him since they last met.

*Apollo Justice - Kristoph's aide in The Grave Turnabout. The game chronicles how he came to work for Kristoph Gavin, having been the defendant in A Lesson in Turnabout.

*Kurtis Gavin - Kristoph and Klavier's father, and the head of the Gavin & Co. Law Offices. Bears a striking resemblance to Kristoph, though noticeably older.

*Simon Taylor

*Ian Justice - Father of Apollo Justice, and the head of Justice Legal LLP. Very controlling, and insistent on Apollo taking over his company, despite Apollo's wishes. Surrounded by rumours of corruption.

*Jeremy Cale

*Aaron Noir

*Winston Payne

*Beryl Lecter

*Princeton Badcock

*Harry Brushel

*Lloyd Blackburn

*Adrian Andrews

*Vera Misham

*Drew Misham

*Robert Dobbel

*Evangeline Dobbel

*Ewan Dobbel

*Shirley Patton

*Artie Pallett

*Edward Gard

*Millie "Hawk" Tennant