Jacques Fletcher: Ace Attorney

Japanese Name

レイヴン右:逆転裁判 (Reivun Migi: Gyakuten Saiban)


Visual Novel


Jack Tansley (Known by his AAO username, JacquesShields.)

Release Date

First case released in early August, other parts TBC.

Age Rating

ESRB: T, PEGI: 12+, CERO: B.

I shall always believe in my clients, even if all hope is lost. But when it's time to face your fears, nothing can stand in the way of you.
Quoted from Phoenix Wright, Case 6 ~ Turnabout Finale

Jacques Fletcher: Ace Attorney is an unofficial fan-made sequel to the Ace Attorney series. The game's events take place in the years 2035 ~ 2036. A new gimmick has been added, known as Investigation Interrogation, used only by Axel Trugh - it makes it possible to cross-examine witnesses during an investigation, much like the rebuttals in Ace Attorney Investigations.

Plot Edit

It had been 8 years since the events of Phoenix's last main trial, Turnabout for Tomorrow. and Phoenix had recently retired from his position of Defense Attorney after the events of Flash to the Turnabout and Flash Back to the Turnabout. His successor was Jacques Fletcher. In Jacques' first case, he had to defend Trucy Wright from being convicted of Phoenix Wright's murder. Jacques' new job as an attorney was just beginning.

Episodes Edit

  1. Turnabout Tragedy (Complete)


Tenkan higeki
  1. Turnabout Feathers (Complete)


  1. Detective's Turnabout (Unreleased)


Tantei no tenkan
  1. Blades of the Turnabout (Development Begun)


Tenkan no burēdo
  1. Flash to the Turnabout (Development Begun)


Tenkan furasshu
  1. Turnabout Finale (Unreleased)


Tenkan fināre
  1. Murder at the Musical (Bonus Case, Unreleased)


Myūjikaru de satsujin

(All of the above cases have had the main storyboard written up in Microsoft WORD format, hence why below, the page mentions events from those cases, despite them being unfinished/unreleased.)

Characters Edit

This fan-made game features a whole crazy cast of new characters, with some others returning from previous games.

Main Characters Edit

  • Jacques Fletcher is the main Defense Attorney in Jacques Fletcher: Ace Attorney. He is also Phoenix Wright's student.
  • Trucy Wright is Jacques' co-counsel in all cases except Turnabout Tragedy.
  • Richard Manny is the main Prosecutor throughout the game. The only case he doesn't appear as the prosecutor in is Turnabout Ice Cold, in which he is the defendant.
  • Laura Frost is the chief of the Police Force and the main antagonist of the game.
  • Phoenix Wright is Jacques' deceased mentor.
  • Of course, the Judge from the previous games makes a return, but with a little more hair.

Side Characters Edit

For the sake of keeping this list short, I will only list major characters like the defendants and vital witnesses.

  • Fan favourite, Dick Gumshoe returns as a witness in Detective's Turnabout, though he is retired as a detective.
  • Kayla Woodward is a new character, and is the true culprit of the events of Turnabout Tragedy. She is shot at the end of said case.
  • Another fan favourite, Larry Butz, returns as the defendant in Turnabout Feathers. His job is acting the 'Evil Eagle'. He returns in both Turnabout Finale and Murder at the Musical.
  • Matte D. Hair is a new arrival to the roster, and he is the true culprit to the events of Turnabout Feathers. He appears again in Turnabout Finale as a witness.
  • Wendy Oldbag makes her return as the mascot of Global Studios. She is a witness to the events of Turnabout Feathers and Murder at the Musical.
  • Cody Hackins (Better known by his stage name, Ranger Justice.) is a returning character. He has major appearances as the witness to Blades of the Turnabout and Turnabout Finale. He is the defendant in Murder at the Musical.