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SCRIPT Tab of the Trial Editor

There are many people who don't know how to do some basic things with the Trial Maker, so Huddini decided to post some very detailed guides that all new people should be able to master fairly easily.

The original links to the guides have been given below, and permission has been granted by Huddini to repost his guides here, so knowledge can be spread about AAO's user-friendly editor.

You may edit this page to add more useful guides, or reformat it so it can be easily read and understood to anyone who visits the wiki. This page is also served as an alternative place to find guides if the forums were to go down in any way (which won't happen much) Guides' Original Threads by Huddini:


Evidence A.) Create all of the evidence/profiles that you think you need for your fan trial.

The most important thing to remember is:
1.) Get all of your scripts done FIRST before even worrying about implementing the evidence, you do this at the end.

2.) Go to your SCRIPTs tab, and go to the text boxes where you want your evidence to be revealed/displayed.

3.) Click the GEAR-looking button, this is the action setting (where you decide what you want to do with evidence and other messages, but focus only on evidence for now)

4.) Click REVEAL Evidence! More boxes will appear next to the action box, decide whether you want to put profile/evidence, put in the ID number you wish to reveal at that point of the game. -Example: Script ID 200 is where Ema wants to submit an autopsy report, Reveal Evidence at S.ID. 200, the Evidence ID # for Autopsy report is 2, so you would put 2 in the box. -NOTE: By putting a reveal point here, the evidence will be hidden from the start of the game until you reach the point where Ema wants to submit the report as evidence.
-NOTE 2: Because you need to know the ID's for your evidence/profiles, you should have two tabs open in Firefox!
-NOTE 3: You may also want to display evidence so the player will be notified that he/she received something new, but we will not go into this.


-NOTE: It's best that you use Mozilla Firefox for editing your trials! Chrome has some sort of problem saving audio by itself, but it works great for playtesting.


First off, in order to even have any type of audio, you need to know what is allowed to be uploaded to the editor:

1.) They MUST BE in .MP3 format! Any other formats do not work unfortunately for the time being (please correct me if I'm wrong). -This means that even if you have something that is in .WAV, you must convert it either online, or use a program, I will give you a list in the end on where to go to convert.

2.) You need to have a filehosting site that allows HOTLINKING [This means directly linking to the audio file to be played, like this: ... illage.mp3]
-I will give a list of sites that you are allowed to hotlink to at the end.
The top two are the easy parts, here's the tricky part some people get confused at:

3) Go to the Audio Tab, paste your link in to the empty bar, and click SELECT -You will see your sound name in italics on the right side if you have done these steps properly.

3) In order for the audio to be saved in your list (at the audio tab), you MUST use it somewhere in your SCRIPTs first. -If you don't add the sound anywhere in your script, if you save, the editor will automatically clear any sound file from the list that wasn't used, and you'll have to repeat step 3 again.

4) After putting a sound file somewhere in your script, go to the SAVE button, and....SAVE! The editor will save all data, even the sound file that you put in from an external site, as it knows you are actually using it.
This is the most foolproof way of adding external content related to Audio, if you have any questions, please ask in this thread and I'll try to help you understand as best as I can!

Now for converting files quickly online, I personally use this site: -This is quick and easy, but you can't do much except upload to 256kbps highest quality, and save it with a name you can easily remember, good for things like sound effects. -This is a bit hard to upload around to, but has more features such as adding many ID tag names to the converted file.

CONVERSION PROGRAMS dBpowerAmp is in my opinion the best converter out there, there's a trial version floating around if you want to try it out, but the full version is also great!

FILEHOSTING SITES THAT ALLOW HOTLINKING -This is a site that posters here recommend, but if you're someone who doesn't want to put in your home address in and such (even faking it is too much of a hassle), I'd avoid it, but this is good with 1GB storage space. -This is my favorite site so far for temp solutions, 1GB storage space, and easy to register (just need an email address)
-Unfortunately, there is also a data transfer limit of 1 GB per month, but shouldn't be a problem.
-The Big con about this site is that you have to register every 30 days before your account is deleted, so I'd use this place as a temporary solution. "Live" data back up, can sync across multiple computers.
-You gotta register, though it's no hassle
-You'll want the program, but once you have it, you can just drop a file in there and it syncs online! (You do not need the program to upload any files! So it's not required)
-Permanent storage space, even if you are inactive (last time I checked), my favorite above all else Another filehosting site recommended by one of the posters, thanks for this!
250 MB disk space
250 MB data transfer
10 MB file upload limit
Can upload more .extensions besides .mp3


It is RECOMMENDED YOU USE FIREFOX to edit your trials!

Without further ado, here is the list with explanation:

Code: 1.) [#] -->PAUSE 1 second while speaking This is used to pause when someone is speaking (as if they are hesitating), best used before typing a sentence for emphasis.

-Example 1: [#] It's true....I murdered the victim..... You can also put it in the middle of a sentence: -Example 2: [#] I didn't want to...... [#] but I did!

-DEMO of examples:

-Note: You should try a combination to see what kind of effect you can have, but don't overdo it! You might bore the player and make him/her skip the frame just because it takes too long for the sprite to talk!

Code: 2.) [#f] -->FLASH This is used as a dramatic effect, or as a way to transition to a flashback

-Example 1: [#f] NO WAY! For dramatic purposes, you can use two frames and put the flash code at the second frame to bring interest to the player: -Example 2: [#f] Actually.....
[#f] YES WAY!

-Example 3: Inside..... [#f] he's a Fraulein!

-DEMO of examples:

-Note: This is very good presentation effect, I'm sure you can overdo it without giving the player seizures

Code: 3.) [#s] -->SHAKE This is used to shake the screen (like you're in a 1 second earthquake, or someone being shot/stabbed), this is a dramatic effect used to show the reader something's usually happening (but can also be used as a humor effect like Pearly slapping Phoenix)

-Example 1: [#s] OW! That hurt! Good for first person, easy to implement -Example 2: Coffee....
POW! [#s] Oof! Good for Court View, a bit harder to implement.

-DEMO of examples:

Code: 4.) [#pn] -->PAUSE Longer/Shorter. n=number of seconds you want to pause, it's an "extension" of the [#] code.

This is to quicken the dialog or make it longer out without the arrow disappearing.

-Example 1: [#p50] Olay! [#p300] Okay!


And last one (I don't know too much about this):

Code: 5.) [#var:y] Displays the value of whatever variable you put in y, [#var=example]

-Examples: None at the moment.

You are welcome to post this guide in the other forums, just give credit and tell Huddini that you're doing it so he's aware his work is for something.

And post here if you have anymore codes that I don't know about and improve upon the explanations I have already given!

Here is a basic summary by E.D. Revolution, thanks man:

  1. [#] 1 second pause
  2. [#f] flash + 1 second pause
  3. [#s] shake + 1 second pause
  4. [#px] custom pause (x/100 seconds). Must have the [#p] before the x otherwise it will be interpreted as a 1 second pause.
  5. [#var:y] displays the value of the value of y, whatever it happens to be. This last one is pretty new to a lot of us (myself included), so ask henke about it.

Another NOTE by E.D. Revolution:

"I should mention that, at the moment, it's not possible to combine [#f] and [#s] to make it play at the same time. They will be played in the order you put it in. Watch some AA walkthroughs on youtube in order to see the effect of combining [#s] and [#f]. This may have to do with the JavaScript engine and however Unas programmed it to be at the moment. He may change it as time comes."