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Many ages ago, when magical creatures still roamed the earth, and the sword was the mightiest force in the world, there existed a continent of nations, each with its own ruler, its own people, its own goals. Wars occurred but never lasted long. Peace reigned supreme.

Then he came.

The nation of Darath, a state bordering the Galap Ocean from the west, was a mighty nation. A bustling economy, profitable trade, and exploration of the sea brought this nation to the forefront of its time, an example to all others. That is, until the great king Polomi passed away.

That was when his only living relative, his grandson Thereme, took the throne.

Endless Time



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Date of Creation

November 15th, 2010

His parents having been killed by political rivals, Thereme was a young boy controlled only by his troubled mind. He immediately began to rule with an iron fist.

Thereme, however, did not wish to stop with controlling Darath. It was his wish to one day rule the entire world. He sent spies to other countries, discreetly, finding out about their weaknesses and strengths.

He made one fatal error, however- finding and attempting to exploit the buried Kingdom of Grahk in the Galap Ocean, inhabited by lost souls of the dead. His living spies were discovered and killed. Infuriated, the king of that nation placed a curse on Darath and Thereme:

"The heart of Thereme will turn to stone, and he will be doomed to live until the stone is shattered by the sword, even if that takes as long as time itself!"

The cursed king, Thereme, quickly descended into a cold, heartless shadow of a human. His mind remained bright, however, and he continued gathering information on his enemies. All of this was done undercover, but certain nations are starting to catch on to the plan...