Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney: Justice's Memoirs
Japanese Name 逆転裁判 5 Gyakuten Saiban 5
Genre Visual novel
Developer Tap & Justice's Memoirs Development Team
Release Released episodically since Oct. 2010
Rating CERO: B, Mature themes
What does it mean to be a defense attorney?
Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney: Justice's Memoirs (逆転裁判 5 (Gyakuten Saiban 5)) is an unofficial fan sequel to both Apollo Justice - Ace Attorney and the Ace Attorney Investigations spinoffs. The game takes place a few months after the events of Turnabout Succession.


Four months have passed since Turnabout Succession and with it, mysterious and unsolvable murders from the past return to haunt the present, all leading up to one horrifying and dramatic conclusion. Can Apollo find the truth when not only is he up against Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth but amongst these murders, his own past is slowly catching up to him...


  1. Mysterious Sirens and Turnabouts
  2. The Departed Turnabout
  3. Turnabout Go! Justice
  4. Turnabout Memoirs

The original first case, Turnabout Shot Dunk, was later abandoned and deleated by Tap because of the underwhelming praise compared to Mysterious Sirens and Turnabouts. Sirens is now the first case.

Main charactersEdit

  • Apollo Justice returns as the main protagonist. After a short break, he's ready to return to the courtroom to pursue the truth!
  • Kristoph Gavin is Justice's ex-mentor. He escaped from the Central Penitentiary sometime during Apollo's second case after a riot caused by a criminal syndicate...
  • Phoenix Wright returns as Justice's lovable, yet still disbarred mentor. He returns to the scene and courtroom in Episode 2 when Apollo is arrested as the prime suspect in a haunting case...
  • Trucy Wright is Justice's assistant and Wright's adopted daughter.
  • Klavier Gavin is a prosecutor who faced against Justice in the previous game. He continues to work as a prosecutor but due to his brother's escape, the Chief Prosecutor has placed him in charge of all prison break related cases until further notice.
  • Ema Skye returns as the detective in charge of leading the initial investigation and testifying the findings to the court.
  • Miles Edgeworth is the main prosecutor in the game. He prosecutes against Apollo from Episode 2 after nudging from the Chief Prosecutor.


Main teamEdit

  • Tap: Creator, Sprite Artist, Dialogue Writer, Scripter, Graphics Artist
  • ShadowEdgeworth: Co Writer
  • Ping': Advice, Suggestions, Synopsis-guy
  • gotMLK7: Sprites


  • LawfulMagician
  • Chesu
  • DarklordQwerven

Special thanksEdit

  • Diego - Helping with animations
  • Sketchinmaster - Payne Front! Sprites


  • Arkillian - Art
  • Soreveil - Art
  • Rina-chan - Voice Actress
  • Reiji Mitsurugi - Voice Actor
  • Radex - Video Evidence
  • TheUllas - Music
  • Danielinhoni - A lot of stuff xD
  • Ceres - Graphics
  • Zinle - Graphics

Beta-testing teamEdit

  • Zeel1
  • Trufseeker
  • Trybien