The Ace Attorney Online web applications are the software used by Ace Attorney Online for users to create and share their trials. There are three web apps: the Trial Manager, the Trial Player and the Trial Editor.

The layout and appearance of version 5 was made by Meph.


Trial ManagerEdit

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The Trial Manager is a page where users can see your list of trials, stored in a table. The table contains metadata of the users' trials, including: their language, their collaborators (if any), whether or not they are playable or not playable, and buttons to edit or delete the trial. Administrators can also mark the trial as featured by clicking on a star next to the trial's name.

Trial PlayerEdit

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The Trial Player is a web application that lets users play trials created by other users.

Trial EditorEdit

Main article: Trial Editor

The Trial Editor is a web application that lets users create their own trials. This is the main application of AAO.